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Air MozillaTestday Regional en Español

Testday Regional en Español Español: El equipo de QA de Mozilla Hispano brindará a todos los usuarios de habla hispana una introducción al área de Control de Calidad, así...

SUMO BlogWhat’s up with SUMO – 27th March

Hello there, SUMO Nation! March is coming to a close, and apparently Firefox 37 is round the bend… Are you ready? Mo-zillians! Stefani Pereira Alain_Le_Bel Techdoode Sashoto Seeam monasoratairu Nyaguthii85 Euihoon Seol Sarah_jmi Not on the list? Go ahead and … Continue reading

Air MozillaVR Cinema Meetup #3

VR Cinema Meetup #3 VR Cinema's third event will showcase new and exciting films for virtual reality. Come see these groundbreaking projects before they're released to the public and...

Air MozillaGerman speaking community bi-weekly meeting

German speaking community bi-weekly meeting Zweiwöchentliches Meeting der deutschsprachigen Community. ==== German speaking community bi-weekly meeting.

Air MozillaFlowbox.io & Luna

Flowbox.io & Luna Woyciech Danilo from flowbox.io talks about their new programming language, Luna. Flowbox develops professional video compositing software, which is powered by a new programming language...

BlueGriffonBlueGriffon progress 20150326

  • uplift almost done, now working on packaging
  • Ui for CSS Writing Modes added

Air MozillaCommunity Education Call

Community Education Call The Community Education Working Group exists to merge ideas, opportunities, efforts and impact across the entire project through Education & Training.

WebmakerMozilla Foundation March 2015 Board Meeting

What’s happening at the Mozilla Foundation? This post contains the presentation slides from our recent Board Meeting, plus an audio interview with Executive Director Mark Surman. It provides highlights from 2014, a brief summary of Mozilla’s 2015 plan, and a progress report on what we’ve achieved over the past three months.

What we did in 2014

  • Grew contributors and ground game. (10,077 active contributors total.)
  • Prototyped new Webmaker mobile product
  • Expanded community programs by 3x

March 2015 Board Deck - Share.004

March 2015 Board Deck - Share.005 March 2015 Board Deck - Share.007

Mozilla’s 2015 Plan

Mozilla-wide goals: grow long-term relationships that 
help people and promote the open web. By building product and empowering people.

Webmaker+ goal: Expand participation in Webmaker through new software and on the ground clubs.

Building Mozilla Learning

By 2017, we’ve built Mozilla Learning: a global classroom and lab for the citizens of the web. Part community, part academy, people come to Mozilla Learning to unlock the power of the web for themselves, their organizations and the world.

2015 Mozilla Foundation goals

  • Deepen learning networks (500 cities)
  • B
uild mass appeal learning product (250k Monthly Active Users)
  • Craft ambitious Mozilla Learning and community strategy
Q1 Mozilla Foundation highlights
  • Major victory in US net neutrality, with Mozilla getting 330k people to sign a petition.
  • Launched Webmaker app at Mobile World Congress. Strong interest from partners, possible link to Orange FirefoxOS launch in Africa and Middle East.

March 2015 Board Deck - Share.019

March 2015 Board Deck - Share.020

March 2015 Board Deck - Share.021

BlueGriffonWriting modes in BlueGriffon

Thanks to the uplift, BlueGriffon is already able to render vertical text and I'm about to add the UI for that! Yay!

Vertical japanese text

hacks.mozilla.orgWhat do you want from your DevTools?

Every tool starts with an idea: “if I had this, then I could do that faster, better, or more easily.” The Firefox Developer Tools are built atop hundreds of those ideas, and many of them come from people in the web development community just like you.

We collect those ideas in our UserVoice forum, and use your votes to help prioritize our work.

Last April, @hopefulcyborg requested the ability to “Connect Firefox Developer Tools to [Insert Browser Here].” The following November, we launched Firefox Developer Edition which includes a preliminary version of just that: the ability to debug Chrome and Safari, even on mobile, from Firefox on your desktop. We called it Valence.

Good ideas don’t have to be big or even particularly innovative as long as they help you accomplish your goals more effectively. For instance, all of the following features also came directly from feedback on our UserVoice forum:

The color picker introduced in Firefox 31

The color picker introduced in Firefox 31

Though somewhat small in scope, each of those ideas made the DevTools more efficient, more helpful, and more usable. And that’s our mission: we make Firefox for you, and we want you to know that we’re listening. If you have ideas for the Firefox Developer Tools, submit them on UserVoice. If you don’t have ideas, vote on the ones that are already there. The right people will see it, and it will help us build the best tools for you.

If you want to go a step further and contribute to the tools yourself, we’re always happy to help people get involved. After all, Mozilla was founded on the open source ideal of empowering communities to collaborate and improve the Internet for all of us.

These are your tools. How could they be better?

BlueGriffonUpdating BlueGriffon against mozilla-central's trunk

I am in the process of updating BlueGriffon against mozilla-central's trunk. This is a huge effort, but you can already build a branch from github. Please note, this is a work in progress, and I am working primarily on MacOS X so this remains untested on Windows and Linux for the time being. You'll find build instructions in the github readme.

Meeting NotesMobile: 2015-03-25


  • Next merge: 2015-03-30 (pencils down)

Tracking Review


  • Next Build:
ID Summary Status Assigned to
1071690 WebGL content disappears NEW
1130996 MP4 broken on Nightly on Alcatel One Touch 8008D NEW James Willcox (:snorp) (jwillcox@mozilla.com) (snorp)

2 Total;
2 Open (100%);
0 Resolved (0%);
0 Verified (0%);


  • Next Build:
ID Summary Status Assigned to
659285 Extend media.autoplay.enabled to provide a way to disable untrusted play() invocations REOPENED James Willcox (:snorp) (jwillcox@mozilla.com) (snorp)
1051556 crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid selection notification range at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditable.onSelectionChange(GeckoEditable.java) ASSIGNED Eugen Sawin [:esawin] (esawin)
1108527 Severe canvas performance regression compared to Firefox 29 ASSIGNED James Willcox (:snorp) (jwillcox@mozilla.com) (snorp)
1114096 Wrong tab got mirrored NEW Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) (mark.finkle)
1118467 Keyboard doesn’t stay open when trying to input text on mobile.jetblue.com site NEW Eugen Sawin [:esawin] (esawin)
1120511 Autophone – Twitter Throbber stop regression 2015-01-15 REOPENED Seth Fowler [:seth] (seth)
1123389 Allow Android-side reading list service work to ride the trains NEW Richard Newman [:rnewman] (rnewman)
1126244 Create a maximum reader mode cache size and evict records when necessary ASSIGNED Vivek Balakrishnan[:vivek] (vivekb.balakrishnan)
1129074 Content view sometimes blank on load until restart NEW Eugen Sawin [:esawin] (esawin)
1129614 Regression: Sometimes thumbnails in the tabs drawer are not updated, they expire NEW Richard Newman [:rnewman] (rnewman)
1129840 Tabs are not always restored on Gingerbread devices NEW Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) (mark.finkle)
1130372 Onboarding screen still showing behind externally opened url NEW Bhargav Chippada [:bhargavch] (bhargav.chippada19)
1131084 Can not mirror tab to Chromecast device NEW Randall Barker [:rbarker] (rbarker)
1132508 Last tab is cut off in tab tray after rotation NEW Martyn Haigh (:mhaigh) (mhaigh)
1132746 Fix Android L quick share items in long press context menu NEW Michael Comella (:mcomella) (michael.l.comella)
1132747 Fix Android L “share” list item in long press context menu NEW Michael Comella (:mcomella) (michael.l.comella)
1132751 Fix Android L Settings page’s build icon size NEW Michael Comella (:mcomella) (michael.l.comella)
1137655 crash in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fragment already active at android.support.v4.app.Fragment.setArguments(Unknown Source) NEW Nick Alexander :nalexander (nalexander)
1142528 Tappable area is larger than the +/- buttons, overlaping “Aa” button. NEW :Margaret Leibovic (margaret.leibovic)
1143888 Integrate the Adjust campaign tracking SDK into Firefox ASSIGNED Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) (mark.finkle)

20 Total;
20 Open (100%);
0 Resolved (0%);
0 Verified (0%);

Friends of the Mobile Team

Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Make sure friends also get awarded a badge. New contributors are highlighted in bold.

  • Stéphane fixed bug 935259 – Split DOMLinkAdded switch statement into methods
  • Jeff Lu fixed bug 1140044 – Bookmarks button in browser menu does not update title when state changes
  • Sebastian fixed bug 1142699 – Intermittent testReaderModeTitle and bug 1143280 – Android build fails with updated support library (22) and/or new API level (22)
  • Capella fixed bug 1140979 – Change SelectionHandler/TextSelection to use UUID vs. simple selectionID
    • And he’s starting work on bug 988143 – Enable text selection and touch caret in Gecko on Fennec!

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!


James W. (snorp)

<Read Only>


Working on

Randall Barker

<Read Only>

Last Week:

  • Fixed render cruft in presentation composite pass.
  • Created patch for tab mirror encoder so that tabs streamed from mobile device are full size (see bug 1144975).
  • Landed bug fix to gamepad on MacOS that would cause a crash if certain buttons were pressed, patch also enabled dpad on MacOS attached controllers (see bug 1107801).
  • Un-bitrotted standalone webrtc code. Still broken on Roku due to compiler issues.

Next Week:

  • Scale presentation composite so that entire page is mirrored and wrap up project.
  • Get latest code running on Roku again.
  • Investigate encoding shared tab from composite in place of redrawing page.

Eugen Sawin

<Read Only>

  • MP3 demuxer
    • Last week: wrote MP3 frame detection and parsing
    • This week: integrated new MP3 frame detection with new MP3 demuxer (basic functionality, no seeking yet)
    • Next: integrate MP3 demuxer with MP4Reader and iron out issues to finally play sound again
  • IME
    • Found the cause for bug 1134209, possible fix unclear yet
    • Found a possible general issue with on-blur and on-focus event handling/firing caused by mutation events
    • Further investigated bug 1144174 and bug 1051556, no definitive results yet
    • Discussing mitigation of IME crash issues on release builds

Brian Nicholson

  • Top sites/thumbnails
  • bug 1147158 – Site rows should use URL as the default text if there’s no title
  • bug 1146511 – Search results mangled on device rotation


  • Had a baby
  • bug 1137958 – Prompt for saving passwords. Landed
  • bug 1135180 – Favicon storage for bookmarks. Landed.
  • bug 1146366 – Bookmark star is not updating when switching tabs
  • bug 1147175 – Use SDWebImage for thumbnail
  • bug 1137462 – Improve history database performance


Passwords doorhangers on Android, about:passwords work.








  • Add to reading list button (& uplift)
  • Sharing improvements: “Send to other devices” & visual improvements (& uplift)
  • Next: Android L fixes & search improvements




<Read Only>

Working on


<Read Only>
Head down mopping up the blood for Reading List on Android: bug 1147164.

Martyn Haigh




Some highlights:

  • Reader View content is now served via built-in web server
  • (Internal) Reader View URLs are hidden
  • Share To Extension works again (for both Bookmarks and Reading List) !
  • Reader View content is cached for offline usage (but no images yet)
  • Pushed out a new Aurora Build


  • Integrating better Reading List storage (so that mark as read / delete will start working)
  • Share Extension UX update
  • Random boog fixes (trying to fix at least one or two small bugs in the morning to shrink the queue)

James Hugman

<Read Only>

Struggling with Optionals, Properites, Protocols and Closures in pursuit of the least disgusting way I could think off do saving of open tabs. (restoring is later).

Blocked on UX for QR code reading (this isn’t a cry for help!).

Somewhat excited by the React-Native due out at the F8 Conference this week.


  • last week
    • Passwords had a project checkpoint last week
    • FHR passwords provider v2 is back in review for nits (1124895)
    • Aurora Scrollbar missing from some small screen/mdpi devices, awaiting aurora uplift: 1128431 (aka 1135770 1135771)
  • this week
    • android doorhanger work (1147064, 1139553, 1139551)
    • any new aurora bugs


Catching up on things from 5 weeks of travel

Working on


  • Working on Program Review material (Program Review for Firefox is on Friday)
  • Recruiting
  • iOS dogfooding, planning and triage (moving along well)
  • Yelling in meetings at appropriate moments
Working on


  • Past
    • Passwords UX work
    • Doorhangers wrangling
    • Tracking Protection co-ordination
    • Reading List UX sync up
    • First Run
  • Upcoming
    • First Run next steps (proposal for testing?)
    • bug 1144430: Toolbar “icons” UX (site ID, security, etc)
    • bug 1127901: Clustered links UX
    • Bugs backlog


Working on:


  • bug 1145240 Make tab tray home panel icon list have light background and update icons
  • bug 1134786 New Assets for browsing UI
  • bug 1143956 Device type assets for Synced Tabs panel

All UI (not specs) in progress can be viewed here: http://invis.io/XY2HBO14R


<Read Only>

  • Back from PTO
  • working on some patches to bring iOS closer to the specs
    • typography
    • layout/spacing
    • animations
    • transitions


Feature Focus

Round Table

  • Meeting improvements summary
    • Rotating meeting master
    • Try removing read-only?
      • Briefly summarize what you’ve worked on


  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 99998
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 369) Conf# 99998
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x92 Conf# 99998
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x92 Conf# 99998
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x92 Conf# 99998
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x92 Conf# 99998
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x92 Conf# 99998
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x92 Conf# 99998
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 44 79 34 80, x92 Conf# 99998
  • irc.mozilla.org #mobile for backchannel
  • Mobile Vidyo Room

Meeting NotesFirefox/Gecko Delivery Planning: 2015-03-25

Schedule & Progress onUpcoming Releases (Lawrence)

  • In case you missed it, we shipped the following chemspills last weekend
    • Firefox 36.0.3 and 36.0.4
    • Firefox for Android 36.0.3 and 36.0.4
    • Firefox ESR 31.5.2 and 31.5.3
    • Firefox 37 Beta 7 desktop and mobile
  • Firefox 37
    • Desktop RC built yesterday, should ship to the Beta channel today
    • Mobile Beta 8 built yesterday, should ship to the Beta channel today
    • Next up:
      • Desktop may require RC2 (we’ll see)
      • Mobile RC
    • At this point there is some risk for our Tuesday release date. We need to measure the stability of the RC on the Beta channel before we know the impact of the changes that we took.
  • Firefox ‘spring’ release will be Firefox 38.1 and will ship on June 2, 2015.
  • Next merge day is Mon, Mar 30, 2015
    • 38 becomes Beta
    • 39 becomes Aurora
    • 40 becomes Nightly

Questions, Comments, FYI

Future of this meeting:

  • Tyler sent out an e-mail to all regular attendees+those on the regular meeting notes.
  • 1 response was sent, advocating that we kill the meeting.

Alternatives to this meeting:
Channel Meeting (Schedule and Progress / User Feedback) https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Channels/Meetings

Mozilla-Wide Meeting (Schedules / Special Project / Marketing, etc.) https://wiki.mozilla.org/WeeklyUpdates

SUMO Meeting (User Feedback) https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/Weekly_Meetings

Mobile Meeting (Firefox Mobile) https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/ProductPlanning

Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays – 11:00am PT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • irc.mozilla.org #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details – NEW

The Mozilla BlogPlease welcome Allison Banks, Vice President of People

We’re thrilled to announce that Allison Banks is joining the leadership team at Mozilla today as our new Vice President of People.

As the leader of our global human resource team at Mozilla, Allison will be responsible, above all, for ensuring our people have what they need to help move our mission forward. Specifically, her team will develop and execute the people-related strategies and activities that will help to foster growth, innovation, and our overall organizational effectiveness.

With over 20 years of experience, Allison joins us most recently from GoPro where she served as Sr. Director of HR overseeing the hiring of 900 people, opening offices in seven countries, integrating acquisitions and building the HR processes and systems required to support a dynamic global organization. Prior to GoPro, she developed her HR expertise and track record for inspiring and supporting people at Perforce Software, Citibank, and Ingres.

Allison’s background, experience and passion for the human side of business is an exceptional fit for Mozilla.

She will be based in the Bay Area, working out of our Mozilla Space in San Francisco and our headquarters in Mountain View.

Please join me in welcoming Allison to Mozilla!



Allison Banks, Vice President of People, Mozilla

Bio & Mozillians profile

LinkedIn profile

High-res photo

Air MozillaProduct Coordination Meeting

Product Coordination Meeting Weekly coordination meeting for Firefox Desktop & Android product planning between Marketing/PR, Engineering, Release Scheduling, and Support.

Mozilla Web DevelopmentBeer and Tell – March 2015

Once a month, web developers from across the Mozilla Project get together to design the most dangerous OSHA-compliant workstation possible. While searching for loopholes, we find time to talk about our side projects and drink, an occurrence we like to call “Beer and Tell”.

There’s a wiki page available with a list of the presenters, as well as links to their presentation materials. There’s also a recording available courtesy of Air Mozilla.

Michael Kelly: dxr-cmd

A certain blog post author was first with dxr-cmd, a command-line client for making queries to DXR, Mozilla’s source code browser. The tool is installed via pip and supports any query you can make via the web interface. Output can be run through a pager utility such as less, and you can also control the syntax highlighting applied to the output.

Daniel Maher: AudioAddict plugin for Plex

Next up was phrawzty, who was not present but shared a link to AudioAddict.bundle, a Plex plugin that allows you to play music from AudioAddict-based services (such as radiotunes.com, di.fm, and more).

Peter Bengtsson: Redunter

peterbe shared Redunter, a web service that helps hunt down unused CSS on your website. By embedding a small snippet of JS into your page and browsing through your website, Redunter will analyze the HTML being rendered and compare it to the CSS being served. The end result is a list of CSS rules that did not match any HTML that was delivered to the user. Redunter even works with sites that modify the DOM by watching for mutation events and tracking the altered HTML.

Scott Michaud: GPU-Accelerated Audio

ScottMichaud returns with more fun stuff using the WebCL extension! Scott shared a demo of WebCL-powered audio where a virtual microphone was surrounded by individual raindrop sounds. By controlling the rate of raindrops, you can simulate a higher audio load and see the difference that pushing audio processing to the GPU can make.

Les Orchard: Parsec Patrol

Senior Space Cadet lorchard shared Parsec Patrol, a vector-based space game for the web. While there’s no full game made yet, there is a webpage with several demos showing collision detection, spaceship navigation, missiles, point-defense systems, and more!

Matthew Claypotch: a9r

Have you ever seen an abbreviation like l10n or i18n and had no idea what it meant? Have no fear, Uncle Potch is here with a9r, the answer to the abbreviation problem! Simply install the command and enter in an abbreviation to receive a list of all words in the SOWPODS word list that match. Got a word that you need to abbreviate? Not only can a9r decipher abbreviations, it can create them!

Matthew Claypotch: socketpeer

In a slightly-less-whimsical vein, potch also shared socketpeer, a simple JavaScript library for 1:1 messaging via WebRTC Data Channels and WebSockets. Extracted from the Tanx demo that Mozilla showed at GDC 2015, socketpeer contains both a server API for establishing peer connections between users and a client API to handle the client-side communication. Potch also shared a demo of a peer-to-peer chat application using socketpeer.

Chris Van Wiemeersch: PhantomHAR

Next up was cvan, who shared PhantomHAR, a PhantomJS and SlimerJS script that generates an HTTP Archive (or HAR) for a URL. A HAR is an archive of data about HTTP transactions that can be used to export detailed performance data for tools to consume and analyze, and PhantomHAR allows you to easily generate the HAR for use by these tools.

Chris Van Wiemeersch: fetch-manifest

Next, cvan shared fetch-manifest, a small library that takes a URL, locates the W3C web app manifest for the page, fixes any relative URLs in the manifest, and returns it. This is useful for things like app marketplaces that want to allow people to submit web apps by submitting a single URL to the app they want to submit.

Bill Walker: robot-threejs

Last up was bwalker, who shared robot-threejs, an experimental steampunk robot game powered by three.js and WebGL. The game currently allows you to fly around a 3D environment that has 3D positional audio emitting from an incredibly mysterious cube. CAN YOU SOLVE THE CUBE MYSTERY?

This month we think we’ve really got something special with our Seki Edge keyboard-and-mouse combo. Order now and get a free box of Band-aids at no additional cost!

If you’re interested in attending the next Beer and Tell, sign up for the dev-webdev@lists.mozilla.org mailing list. An email is sent out a week beforehand with connection details. You could even add yourself to the wiki and show off your side-project!

See you next month!

WebmakerWeb Literacy Map v1.5

Changes in competencies from v1.1 to v1.5 of Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map

Last week the Mozilla community finished work on updating the Web Literacy Map to v1.5. This will underpin the upcoming teach.webmaker.org sub-section of Webmaker.

We made some small modifications to competencies from Web Literacy Map v1.1 (see graphic above). However, the major work was in clarifying the skills underpinning each competency. The full list can be found below:


Reading the Web


Using software tools to browse the web

  • Accessing the web using the common features of a browser
  • Using hyperlinks to access a range of resources on the web
  • Reading, evaluating, and manipulating URLs
  • Recognizing the common visual cues in web services
  • Exploring browser add-ons and extensions to provide additional functionality

Web Mechanics

Understanding the web ecosystem and Internet stack

  • Using and understanding the differences between URLs, IP addresses and search terms
  • Identifying where data is in the network of devices that makes up the Internet
  • Exporting, moving, and backing up data from web services
  • Explaining the role algorithms play in creating and managing content on the web
  • Creating or modifying an algorithm to serve content from around the web


Locating information, people and resources via the web

  • Developing questions to aid a search
  • Using and revising keywords to make web searches more efficient
  • Evaluating search results to determine if the information is relevant
  • Finding real-time or time-sensitive information using a range of search techniques
  • Discovering information and resources by asking people within social networks


Critically evaluating information found on the web

  • Comparing and contrasting information from a number of sources
  • Making judgments based on technical and design characteristics
  • Discriminating between ‘original’ and derivative web content
  • Identifying and investigating the author or publisher of web resources
  • Evaluating how purpose and perspectives shape web resources


Keeping systems, identities, and content safe

  • Recommending how to avoid online scams and ‘phishing’
  • Managing and maintaining account security
  • Encrypting data and communications using software and add-ons
  • Changing the default behavior of websites, add-ons and extensions to make web browsing more secure


Writing the web

Composing for the web

Creating and curating content for the web

  • Inserting hyperlinks into a web page
  • Identifying and using HTML tags
  • Embedding multimedia content into a web page
  • Creating web resources in ways appropriate to the medium/genre
  • Setting up and controlling a space to publish on the Web


Modifying existing web resources to create something new

  • Identifying remixable content
  • Combining multimedia resources to create something new on the web
  • Shifting context and meaning by creating derivative content
  • Citing and referencing original content

Designing for the web

Enhancing visual aesthetics and user experiences

  • Using CSS properties to change the style and layout of a Web page
  • Demonstrating the difference between inline, embedded and external CSS
  • Improving user experiences through feedback and iteration
  • Creating device-agnostic web resources

Coding / Scripting

Creating interactive experiences on the web

  • Reading and explaining the structure of code
  • Identifying and applying common coding patterns and concepts
  • Adding comments to code for clarification and attribution
  • Applying a script framework
  • Querying a web service using an API


Communicating in a universally-recognisable way

  • Using empathy and awareness to inform the design of web content that is accessible to all users
  • Designing for different cultures which may have different interpretations of design elements
  • Comparing and exploring how different interfaces impact diverse users
  • Improving the accessibility of a web page through the design of its color scheme, structure/hierarchy and markup
  • Comparing and contrasting how different interfaces impact diverse web users


Participating on the web


Providing access to web resources

  • Creating and using a system to distribute web resources to others
  • Contributing and finding content for the benefit of others
  • Creating, curating, and circulating web resources to elicit peer feedback
  • Understanding the needs of audiences in order to make relevant contributions to a community
  • Identifying when it is safe to contribute content in a variety of situations on the web


Creating web resources with others

  • Choosing a Web tool to use for a particular contribution/ collaboration
  • Co-creating Web resources
  • Configuring notifications to keep up-to-date with community spaces and interactions
  • Working towards a shared goal using synchronous and asynchronous tools
  • Developing and communicating a set of shared expectations and outcomes

Community Participation

Getting involved in web communities and understanding their practices

  • Engaging in web communities at varying levels of activity
  • Respecting community norms when expressing opinions in web discussions
  • Making sense of different terminology used within online communities
  • Participating in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions


Examining the consequences of sharing data online

  • Debating privacy as a value and right in a networked world
  • Explaining ways in which unsolicited third parties can track users across the web
  • Controlling (meta)data shared with online services
  • Identifying rights retained and removed through user agreements
  • Managing and shaping online identities

Open Practices

Helping to keep the web democratic and universally accessible

  • Distinguishing between open and closed licensing
  • Making web resources available under an open license
  • Contributing to an Open Source project
  • Advocating for an open web